Mom of boys. Parenting Coach. 

When we become moms, we often believe that our most important task is to raise our children well. And yet, motherhood offers us unique opportunities to raise ourselves into more present, compassionate, and self-aware individuals.

I believe that when we are able to bring attention and intention to our parenting, we are able to become more fully ourselves, decrease family stress, and transform our relationship with our children into the very foundation of their flourishing.


I felt like I was just winging it as a mom until I stumbled upon Parent Effectiveness Training. Certainly there were nuggets of wisdom within other parenting programs and paradigms that resonated with me and brought some positive shifts, but P.E.T. is what finally got me the results I was looking for! Because here’s the secret: it’s about how you are responding to the circumstances in front of you. Developed by Dr. Thomas Gordon more than 55 years ago, millions of parents around the world have transformed their families. As a certified P.E.T. Instructor it is such a privilege to be able to hold your hand as we walk through this eight-week program together.

Such a better way than how I’m currently parenting! I learned A LOT and I’m so glad I took it. I believe my relationships at home will greatly benefit!


mother of 5

I have taken many parenting classes. Nicki is just fantastic. She does a great job relating P.E.T. to everything and really knows it. Jessica

mother of 3

I have never taken a parenting class before. I felt like it should just come naturally. Accepting help during my parenting journey has been very freeing. Camille

mother of 3


They say it takes a village to raise children, but as parents we are more isolated than ever. Learning to become the parent your children need alongside amazing parents on the same journey…it can make all the difference. Check out one of our classes our courses and learn for yourself how valuable it is to have this kind of community on our parenting journey.